Our Location

The Riverwalk Group is located in in Stamford, Connecticut, in the historic Phillips Mansion at 666 Glenbrook Road. The mansion sits in a complex called Riverwalk, and is our founding location.

To make an appointment, please call our main number, 203-329-3759.

When visiting our office, upon entering the parking lot, please park in a space that says APG , Mansion or ES. APG spaces are in front of the mansion, if you are facing the mansion, the spaces are to the right. Please do not park in spaces with numbers. These are for the residents that live in the townhouses. Additionally, please do not park in spaces that say M. Sank. These belong to our neighbor and are necessary for his staff and clients.

When you enter the mansion, head back and to right of foyer. Enter door and head back to the waiting room. We will come to get you at the time of our scheduled appointment.

Contact Info

Stamford Office

The Phillips Mansion
666 Glenbrook Road, 1st Floor
Stamford, CT 06906

Please only park in spaces marked APG, Mansion, or ES.